O/T Mille Miglia

(Chris Fell) #1

One day I’ll go and do this. Meanwhile I rely on my cousin to send me footage, just to keep it on my bucket list.

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Not in an ‘E’ it but my ‘99 XJR I’m currrently on a 3 day tarmac rally day 2 starts today.
Yesterday was 110 kilometers of closed roads which we covered at an average of 92 klms/hr some footage of the roads from a competitors view point here;

I’m participating in the touring section which means we are limited to 130 klm/hr top speed which is quite fast enough and means we are not required to have helmets on.
We travel all the same roads as the competitors and have an absolute ball. (And got sidewaysover a right hand brow :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
(paul spurlock) #3

What fun!! Would love to do it some day but alas won’t likely happen.

(Robin O'Connor) #4

Further update, there is a Cheeta towards the end of the clip which is a clone of the ‘E’ but with (I think) Chevy power, some outside shots and then at the end in car. The Gentle Annies Stages (3) were fantastic and the middle was quite flowing having to keep to a Max speed of 130 K’s we still managed to end at 104.6 klm ave, having seen 109 at one point close to the end: