O2 Sensor Confusion?

Good Morning to one & all!
Unfortunately I’m here once again in search of help & knowledge. I recently acquired
a gorgeous 96 VDP with only 37K miles. It was in need of immediate Y-pipe replacement. Immediately following that procedure it runs VERY poorly.
My question is: would a confusion of O2 sensors result in this problem? If so how can
theybe properly sorted & reconnected to the proper position?

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Yep, that would do it.
There are two ways to correct it.
First is simply swap the connections over. Hard to reach so go back to your exhaust people and ask them. Some people reposition the plugs after doing this!
Second is to use Jaguars IDS software and run sensor orientation. Jaguar independents may have this but dealers won’t as it’s far to old.

Thanks Pete!

Greatly appreciate the advice & help!

Earl Kiker

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PDU, WDS or ISD will perform the Oxygen Sensor Orientation.
Some cars fail the test and some pass. I have tried a few cars that would not complete the test but ran fine anyway??


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Just wanted to thank everyone for your advice on this problem! Indeed it was a
matter of O2 sensor orientation. All 4 of the leads had been crossed by the muffler
shop after correcting the exhaust leak caused by a rusted out “Y” pipe.

Thanks again guys!

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