Obscure part or not? Captive nuts beneath Finisher lower noot

When I open the boot (‘trunk’?) of my XJ40 and look down, the first thing I see is a long plastic strip, which Jaguar call the ‘Finisher, lower boot’. It is secured to the body by 4 self-tappers about 10 mm long. . Those screws fit into some-plastic or nylon captive nuts that are pressed into the body itself, and their outside shape appears to be rectangular. There are 2 on each side too, beneath the side finishers and my spares fiche appears to call them ‘nut finisher fixing BD 48954’ I am looking for their correct name, and a source of supply (in Aus if possible), as mine have hardened and split so they no longer grip the self-tappers.

If they are the nylon oblong nuts my brother had some of those a year or two back, I’ll see if he still has some.
Edit, he has what are called bathtub inserts, check the classifieds soon.

Your first reply sounds right Robin! (uses up 20 characters) Thanks for quick reply!

EDIT: Now just read your edit bathtub comment. Does that mean that’s what he has. Will he sell?!!

These parts are currently available on eBay (US):

Another source you might have a look at is this site (no affiliation, not a patron, in California USA) as there are many, many different types of fasteners, grommets, panel fasteners, etc. available and you might find a close-enough substitution:

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Thanks for that lead ! I’ve ordered on Ebay

Alan4d, sorry about the delay in contacting you. My brother Robin sent me a text this morning about these bushes. Just to let you know for future reference I have some available NZ$2.00 each. (Genuine Jaguar part # BD48954) They are fitted in several places on the jaguars.

Thanks for email Mate!

Unfortunately, as I said on the forum, I have now ordered from the USA on Ebay for a total of $55! I suppose I could try to cancel?


No problem, how many did you order? They are fitted on quite a few places on the car.

Could I order 10 from you? How would I pay?