Occupancy Seat Sensor Mat for RHD 2006 XJ8 Super Portfolio

I need to replace the Occupancy Seat Sensor Mat under the Passenger Seat on my 2006 Portfolio. When I found out the cost of a new one plus the cost of fitting, I immediately rushed to get my Heart Pills. Im trying to find a second-hand Mat in NZ, which seems pretty much impossible, so thought of using a Seat Emulator, which would have given the effect of someone being in the passenger seat all the time, and so the Airbag would still go off if there ever was an accident. As there was none available for this model of Jaguar, that wasnt an option. There seems to be a couple of these Mats available on ebay for LHD (USA market) - the people I have been in touch with in the USA cant seem to tell me if these would fit the RHD Portfolio. The fittings and positioning of fittings look the same and I am trying to get an experts answer if this is the case. Any help or guidance would really be appreciated. Cheers

I replied via my phone but not sure if its going to show here.
Have you tried Jaguar Rover spares in Warkworth (Rob) or Jaguar Workshop in Mauku (Jeremy)?

Have you tried Jaguar Rover spares in warkworth or jaguar workshop in mauku?

Thanks Robin - I have been in touch with Jeremy at Jag Spares this afternoon and he was very helpful and informative, as usual. Cheers for the advice