ODB and start trouble

Dear friends
I just bought an ODB2 which I would use on my 1997 XK8 but it will not connect to the car. Think I have checked all the fuses so I am therefore looking for good advice to move on. Attaches fo from tester photo with tester display display.
The car will also not start after the battery has run out. However, this is now fully charged and volts show around 12.5-13 volts. Initially, though, I really want the tester to work. Assuming that if that happens then I might as well find the reason why the car will not start.
Thanks in advance!

Contact the unit manufacturer. I once bought a tester for a 1997 Catera (based on Opel). When I checked with the manufacturer they advised that it was not compatible as sold and had to be sent to them for modification. Once that was done it worked fine.

ICarsoft produce a specific Landrover/Jaguar unit I think from memory its the 930i