Odd behavior of my BW 66 transmission

Whatever miles I may have driven, in a series 3 XJ6 jaguar, were few, and at least 30 years in my rearview’s!

That said, in my Jeepster, which uses the same transmission, when you put it in D, it actually starts out in third gear and doesn’t shift. I have to shift it down into second and then up into third to get good acceleration. I know there are no electronic controls on that 'box but just simply the kickdown cable: does that kickdown cable have to be hooked up in such a way to keep that from happening?

If the cable breaks it goes through the gears and shifts at the lowest possible speeds with the lowest shift pressure. The pressure needs to be set to spec otherwise it will eat your bands and clutches very quickly.
It doesn’t start in third normally. Also, it is quick to shift to 2nd and goes to third above 55-60 kph, unless the cable is misadjusted or broken, then it’s happening at 25-30 kph

Which is completely wrong, Paul - and the first suspicion is the kick-down cable - which, as David says, must be connected and correctly adjusted. A second suspect is a frozen governor - or some other valve body/pump issues…

Shifting is entirely controlled by hydraulic pressures based on pressures generated by engine rpms, moderated by gas pedal movement (kickdown cable) and road speed (governor). The resultant pressures is sorted in the valve body by motion of spool valves against springs - opening and closing passages to hydraulic servos operating bands and clutches…

Starting out in third gear is highly unusual - most problems relates to upshifts from first gear. Basically; first gear is sort of default, and the more pedal the later the upshifts - your symptoms requires some thinking…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)