Odd "bump" feel in footwell

Ok so I have had this for a while, and am a bit stumped by it. In my 93 convertible, when i turn my steering wheel full chock, either way, I feel a “bump/push” under my left foot (left hand drive). I thought "well it MUST be a steering component hitting the underbody. Ive jacked it up a couple of times and see no signs of rubbing/hitting, and even when down having someone turn side to side, i see no hitting. Im wondering if it “could” be something on the steering column itself, but it is under a metal cover so i cant actually “see” anything on it. Also with my height, my foot is all the way up on the footwell, so bear that in mind. Anyone else have this?

Put it on hoist and check your steering bushes… in particular the ends of the cotton reels. When these go you will have steering rack slide at full lock and with under steer. A mountain hairpin bend will be hairy if this is the case.

Definitely worth a look. Of course I’ll probably just have to use a jack unfortunately