Odd Chrome Pieces

I have two pieces of chrome for my XK140DHC that I can not tell where they go.

Welcome Chris. A picture would probably allow us to identify it, but I think there is a limit on new members before they can post a picture. Describe them. Are there any numbers on them?

17 inches long, four hook like holders at the bottom. Half inch lip on top, four little holes with a wire strung between the first and last hole.

This sounds like the trim that goes on the hood (convertible roof) above the doors, between the frame and the canvas…trying to find a pic…

Is this the piece? …

It looks like it. Hey thanks.
Say I am redoing my xk140dhc, not a restoration but a good job so my older kids can drive it from time to time. I was thinking about replacing the wiring harness but they cost so much and the labor to install is around 40 to 60 man hours according to my mechanic.
Any thoughts about where to buy a new harness and installing one myself. I am pretty handy.

Here is the part

That’s the beastie that I was thinking of. They are listed as cantrails at SNG. BD13415/6 (at least that is what they are called for the XK150)

I just replaced my XK120 wiring earlier this year with harnesses from Rhode Island Wiring Service www.riwire.com and their work is excellent, worth the extra cost. Yes it’s a lot of work and of course you have to be careful getting everything connected to the right places, but the instructions they give are good and I am happy with the way it turned out.

Hi Chris,
the big advantage you will have is that your existing wiring harness is still in place. this can make it a lot easier to replace as you can use the old one as a guide, and even as a draw wire in some areas.
The loom normally comes in 2 or 3 sections so you can do the easier bits yourself.
Just take photos, photos photos…