Odd Climate control behaviour

As the long summer running the A/C all the time came to an abrupt end this last week (it is mid-late October, so fair enough) I once again dialed in the heat.
Problem was, I only had heat to my feet and back seat - face and side vents blowing cold again …grrrrrr!

I first guessed either my repaired demister flap or the passenger side flap had broken and jammed the upper blend door again, but checking the flaps saw they were still in place.

I normally leave the A/C button lit/engaged winter and summer, usually just turning up the heat control to warm things up and the usual operation is that the centre vent closes and the side vent air warms up. Not this time though …feels like the A/C is still on at the vents, heat is only down below.

I tried switching to manual and disengaging the A/C and it made no difference - BUT - here’s the weird thing - Say I take a drive, no manner of combos with the controls can get heat coming out of the side vents even after the car is long warmed up, however, if I stop for a few mins then re-start the car, the heat works properly (!)

Guessing it must be a bad connection or lazy servo motor on the upper blend door? Any ideas?

The electric servos get STUCK in one position from lack of movement for a season.

I used a wooden rod on MY PERSONAL 1992 XJ40 and at the dealer when I repaired these cars years ago.

You need to ‘fish’ the rod up to the servo on the right side of the climate control box and place it on motor the unit. Tap the rod while operating the controls to move the servos.

Probably dozens of posts on the internet of similar advice.

The plastic housing CAN CRACK so be aware that the case stretches and the gears do no mesh.

A replacement is then required.

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Thanks! I’ll go get a stick and give it a whack tomorrow,

There are two servos so pick the correct one or do both.

Ok. I have a spare CC unit in my basement so might look at a possible swap once I get into it (if I haven’t already used the parts); the CC on these damn cars has needed several trips to the basement over the years Ha Ha

Thanks for the tip

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Turned out it wasn’t the servos but the “old” issue rearing it head again, only this time it was the passenger side demist flap had broken.
Easy to say in hindsight, but I should have strengthened it when I had the dash out last year repairing the driver’s side flap.

Once again I was able to fish it out of the centre vent and free up the upper blend door - so for now, things are nice and toasty.
Not a minute too soon though as snow expected on Wednesday. I’ll deal pulling the dash to fix the flap come spring.