Odd find in fuel tank

(Mark) #1

Shortly after acquiring our 120, I pulled the fuel tank to have it cleaned of all the nasty old rotten fuel and rust. Once I had it out of the car, I tipped it on end and heard something clunking around inside. I thought it was a loose baffle. When I looked inside with a flashlight I saw something rather shiny. I was able to get it to slide out through the filler neck and was quite surprised. (See the attached photo). I wasn’t able to find much on the web about this product, but apparently it hasn’t been available for a long time. Someone must have been adding this stuff to the fuel and lost their grip.

(Karl) #2

Looks like marvel mystery oil upper cylinder lube.

With its newly discovered rare ingredients. Very cool.

(Ed Nantes) #3

Reminds me of discovering why the screen washer water was always rusty coloured in my Sovereign
Finally found a very rusty ring spanner at the bottom of the water bottle.

(Monte) #4

I found a wiper arm wedged in my series 3 e-type tank. Hard to figure the thinking behind that.

(Karl) #5

Broken fuel gauge, emergency check of fuel level with something thin and long…hmm…

(Monte) #6

Not my first thought in checking my fuel level with a broken gauge. I suppose since the car had a power antenna, taking the mast off to check the level would be problematic LOL. It was the correct type wiper arm for the car, very strange. If it didn’t have a rub wear spot on it, it was usable and new looking.