Odd wire in trunk

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Hi, this is Martin in Ohio. My car is a 2000 XK8 Coupe in Phoenix Red. Put in a new battery today and noticed a Green w/ White Tracer wire that was loose in the area between the battery and the trunk floor.
It’s a ground wire and looks to have been cut deliberately without a proper end or cap. Comes out of the main bundle of wires in the trunk but is loose in a grommet on the trunk floor. No matching connecting wire could be found. Any one else see this? Is is a concern? Is it possibly a manufacturing dead head used for an item not on my car?
Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

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The transit relay has a white/green wire that goes to pin 97 of the Body Processor Module. Dealers are supposed to remove the relay and tie the cable and socket up to the harness out of the way. Sometimes they just leave them dangling in the boot and if any water gets in all sorts of strange things happen. Appears that your supplying dealer just snipped it off.

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Thank you very much for the data on the wire for the Body Processor Module. Had me completely confused because it appeared to be a deliberate cut.

I’ll sleep better knowing this fact

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Very helpful. I had the same question and thought I was missing something or that the wiring was for an optional package. Thanks for clarifying.