Odometer reading fading

The first three digits of my odometer have faded, they’re still visible and illuminated but much dimmer than the rest. Has anyone else had this happen ? Can it be fixed easily ?
Cheers and a happy New Year to everyone.

Oh yes!
Bad solder joint/oxidized connection syndrome …a good smack on the binnacle top can sometimes bring it back to life, real fix is to whip it out (binnacle, that is!) and clean up and or reflow connections. I go with the smack method myself as I’m getting lazy.

Thanks Larry. I’m relieved to hear it’s most likely just a cracked joint or bad / dirty connection. I’ll try the thump on the binnacle tomorrow, if that doesn’t work I’ll ‘whip it out’ as you suggest and investigate further.

Casso - I’m willing to speculate the cause is a dodgy bulb. There are two bulbs that light the odometer as you can see in the bottom center of this picture:

Several years ago I replaced all of the incandescent bulbs in the instrument display with LED units. This pic and others are in the Photo Album on the old J-L site, search the XJ40 Saloons section for ‘relamp’ and ‘LED’.