OEM Bellhousing


I know that in Europe the 5.3 XJ-S cars were sold with manual transmissions and I am looking to buy a used bellhousing or something that is oem on dimensions. Thanks in advance!

Supposedly only about 100 such cars were made. It might have involved leftover trannies from E-type SIII production. Good luck finding one, and good luck getting it for less money than a new aftermarket bellhousing.

There were about 475 manual XJ-S cars made IIRC,in 75 &76, with maybe a couple of stragglers in 77. I don’t think any were officially sold in the US.

I brought two complete transmissions over a few years ago. Still got the gearbox for one of them. Series 3 E-type parts are all available, but if buying a four speed Jag box make sure it has the slave cylinder bosses on the right side. The V12 pushes the clutch lever forward whereas all other 4-synchro Jags use a slave on the bell pushing backwards.

The Pusher - wasn’t that a track from Easy Rider?

That’s makes a lot of sense now. That explains why no one has them. Thank for the info!

pic of 1975 XJ12C 4 speed factory!1975%20Jag%20XJ12C%20010 .