OEM Jaguar Battery

I’ve seen many discussions in regard to an ideal battery for the XJS - lots of talk about venting, dimensions, poles in the correct place, explosions, rust, ect. Unless I’m missing something why wouldn’t everyone just order the OEM Jaguar battery for the XJS? It’s gonna fit, it’s vented - everything as it needs to be. Is it a lousy battery in general? Or is there another problem? It can be ordered from SNG Barratt or it looks like Jaguar dealerships can order it to be picked up. The price is pretty comparable to other vented batteries so price point shouldn’t be an issue. What gives? Seems like it should be end of the discussion?



Why would you want a vented battery when you can get a sealed, or even better a jell one?

Battery technology has advanced quite a lot and a vented battery will guarantee rust…

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Exactly, I have a glass matt from Canadian Tire, deep cycle , stick a battery tender on it for the winter months, forget about it never a problem.

Well my understanding is the vent tube expels the gases from the battery to the outside of the car. I’ll look at sealed and gels though. Thinking this one could be a good fit:


I have always just bought correct size, approx correct CCA, from Autozone or Advance Auto. Vented. Keep a battery tender when not being driven.

Jaguar issued a TSB (and change of warranty replacement) back in 2002 when I worked at the dealer.

It made sense that a VARTA battery made in Spain would cost more to ship the North America when we already have millions in stock locally.

Jaguar simply made a ‘deal’ with INTERSTATE to supply warranty batteries at that time.

3-174 Use of Interstate Batteries.pdf (38.0 KB)

A generic H6 battery will work fine.


I am deeply shocked that vented batteries are still in sales chain and even deeper shock is caused by yourself - considering it as a valuable replacement.

I could understand an option of deep discharge battery model (marine) as XJS is known from parasitic battery drain. But this…

Choose only - O.N.L.Y. maintenance free, sealed battery. What you’re trying to do - is going back to B/W TV while everyone’s got FullHD 4k LCDs…

I’m buying cheapos with 2 year warranty. Being replaced every 2 years - makes them indestructable in definition.

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Well it certainly wasn’t my intention to alarm you so! :sweat_smile:. Truth be told this is my first battery for an XJS and first and foremost I want to choose a battery that’s most advantageous for the car. There are MANY types of batteries out there and frankly it’s become a wee bit confusing. In any other car I just buy a battery that my auto supply store says is the correct fit and away i go. As you well know, he XJS is not just any car.

That said, it would seem if you get a sealed battery the venting is not necessary? Is that what I’m understanding? I just thought you had to vent no matter what and that all batteries released gases. Frankly I’m still learning here so thank you for the patience.

Can you tell me what your 2 year cheap battery brand and model is? I’m curious!

Not sure how many years, but, the one I got for 60 bucks is still just fine. Sealed. no vent. In my XJwuzza 6, it is in the engine bay. any vapors not an issue.

Now, way back, I worked ina full service station. Battery post corrosion was a big issue. Non sealed. fumes from the sulphuric acid raised hell why would I return to those days??? I still have the tools to clean up the cables and posts. Long un used…

Yeah, that little thing with the zillions of wires for scraping the post and the connector. I had a car I had to keep one of those in the car; you never knew when it was going to decide not to start.


XJS is not just any car - one thing was making it truly unique years ago. If you’ll think ablout value/money ratio - XJS was an absolute scam globally and quite standard-ish in terms of British Standards and flaws, become seriously obsolete in terms of design and ended its life silently. It was also famous from value lossn/ per year… (let’s face it)

In terms of battery - I was always going for Bosch, top range. Just to realise that there is absolutely no justification in price apart from branded stickers. Now going for the Chinese ones from Amazon and with Amazon support/QC , the reviews and my up to date experience - cannot be that wrong. I’m also going by the weight in the AmpHours class - heavier are better.

To summarise, you cannot beat the physics. You can pay top cash for extended life batrery or replace it 3 times in “extended period” for half price…