OEM seat leather replacement

Looking for advice on replacing the driver’s seat leather with OEM replacement in a cream with coffee contrast piping. Passenger seat is perfect and only the driver’s seat cushion is cracked. Help/advice will be much appreciated.

What year is your XJ-S/XJS and where in the world are you located? This is an international list.


It’s a 1996 XJS celebration. I’m located in the Milwaukee WI area.


Contact “Paul’s Jaguar” in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They specialize in the XJ-S/XJS and can make them for you.
I have no affiliation with them except as a very satisfied customer. They made a beautiful set of leather seats in Doeskin with red piping for our 1990 XJ-S Classic Collection convertible.


Thanks Paul. Much appreciate the help! I suspect they couldn’t color match just the driver’s seat cushion so probably a full set of skins?? Did you send the seat frames to them or how did you arrange the install? Curious what I could expect for $$??
Thanks in advance for the help.

Is Paul’s Jaguar still in business or has he already shut down?

I agree with Paul Novak about Paul’s Jaguar. Call them. They did cream seats for me twice in the past twenty years. Great job.

Gary…once I Sent them the seats.
Second time I just had them send me the covers and I had a local shop do installtion

Thanks Jim. Much appreciate the input.

Paul’s Jaguar is still in business but they are shutting down soon. I recently ordered a bunch of parts from them for my 1990 XJ-S convertible that was damaged in December in a rear end collision. They had a bunch of small new odds and ends and a few used parts from cars that they parted out. It is my understanding that they are closing out their general parts business but still doing restorations including leather interiors.


Still doing leather interiors is good to hear.

I think the plan is to continue with trim, only; spoke with them 10 days ago.

I ordered the leather seat covers for our 1990 XJ-S convertible and did the installation on the passenger seat myself. I was getting ready to do the driver’s seat when I was rear ended while stopped in traffic. I will do the driver’s seat once the car is repaired.
The phone number for Paul’s Jaguar in Ft. Lauderdale, FL is (561) 367-0525. I recommend that you call them to see if they can help you. The leather in your car is almost 30 years old and the original color will have faded. There are companies that sell leather dye that is color matched and companies that will redye your seats for you if you find the color difference too much.


Thanks Paul. I appreciate the help. Spoke with Paul this morning. Very nice gentleman. Yes, continuing with the leather work but has exited the parts business.
Thanks again…

Gary, I found OEM leather sets for my 93.5 XJS convertible on Ebay from a seller AutoBerry. Quality leather OEM color leather. My total cost was around $850 (including shipping) less than a year ago. Very reputable seller who cuts to match original patterns- great fit. They ask for the original interior codes to match your car and they send you the cut and sewn replacements within a few weeks. (you can request special stitching or piping if desired). I upholstered both seats myself as I had the knowledge and tools, but if you are not comfortable doing it yourself a local auto upholstery can surely fit them for you. Be prepared to also repair or refurbish your foam- especially your seat bolsters…and possibly some of your seat features. I had to repair the lumbar bladder in the driver’s seat as well as replace brittle air lines on both seats. I also cleaned and greased the seat tracks. and tested all motors. I bet you could handle this yourself by watching a few DIY videos online. If you do try it, I recommend doing one seat at a time so you have the other seat to reference. Basic upholster hog ring plyers and a steamer are the most unique tools needed. The hog ring plyers you can find on Amazon and the steamer is basically a home clothes steamer (to help fit the leather once installed).

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Thanks for your advice Gary. Much appreciated. I may not need to go the route of new skins (covers). Only the driver’s seat and it appears the former owner had the seat dyed and then some sort of sealer applied. Taking it a step at a time I’m looking for advice to strip that sealer and dye off so I can treat and redye. Any suggestions?

Che c k the Leatherique website. I belive they have detailed instructions that details the process. Basically sand (fine grit) and refinish.

They will match dye.

They have very good products