Oil and speedo line routing

Any suggestions on routing oil pressure and speedo in the engine bay? The speedo cable does not seem to be able to be clamped anywhere, rubbing on the scuttle, starter and clutch rod. The new oil pressure line seems to be too long to run straight from the scuttle to the flex on the oil filter housing, and too short to run down the firewall and then to the flex, without any existing holes in the firewall for attachment. Thoughts?

These should help:

Unlike Dick’s and some others I have seen, my oil pressure tube has the coils inside at the instrument panel end, so that the instrument panel can be pulled away to attach it and pushed back.

The speedometer cable is P-clamped on the scuttle shelf and then curves down around the bell housing, to where it goes through a hole in the chassis cross member and out another hole in the top of the chassis cross member and into the gearbox.

There is supposed to be another P-clip on the bell housing but I don’t have a picture.

Thank you all, great help!