Oil and water gauge removal

Good morning everybody
can somebody tell me how to remove the oil and water gauge from their connections so I can refurb the clock face and glass ?
I removed the three very small screws thinking they would release the gauge barrel and allow me to remove it from the car and I have turned over the tabs that hold the glass in the barrel and removed that but cannot remove the whole thing yet

I’ll leave it to someone who knows.

But I’m very sure you’ll destroy the gauge if you disconnect the tubes that go to the engine. It should all be one piece, gas/ oil filled. If so you must remove it all together.
It should be possible to remove the glass, face and bezel without touching the barrel?

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You can disconnect the oil pressure connection and it will work again when refitted. The water temperature connection is a whole different ball game and a right faff to refill with ether if you disconnect it.



You can unscrew the oil gauge capillary at the back of the gauge. There will be no oil loss as the line does not store pressure - but don’t run the engine.

The temperature gauge is a closed system and can only be removed as a unit which includes the capillary tube and bulb all the way back to the manifold. It is charged with ether or similar and if this leaks you need to send it away for recharging and part with a few hundred.

I’ll check tomorrow but I think from memory the bezel is held by a bayonet twist. Check at the back of the dial and you should see the three or four little lugs wrapped around the flange. A bit further along you should see a set of gaps that will align with lugs when you twist the glass retaining ring. It can be stuck and may need some working to free it. The screws around the body are holding the Bourdon tube frames, so don’t undo those.

If I find something different tomorrow I’ll correct my statements. My description is relevant to the Mk IV.

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Thanks all, I could not get the water temp line to unscrew at the manifold so I left it in place, thinking I could disconnect it at the gauge, better leave well alone methinks ! I will refurbish the dial and glass and replace it, it must be a difficult job in the factory when putting the gauge in the dash !
Thanks for the info

Hi Mike,

If it works, ok. If not, you need to get the bulb out of the thermostat housing. It is fixed solid (soldered) onto the gauge. Might also be a good time to change the thermostat and/or modify the housing to use a 4.2L XK engine thermostat. I did it over 10 years ago and t has worked very well. :slight_smile:


I fixed mine a couple of years ago. Here’s the write-up.