Oil balance valve

Hi Guys i was removing the large bolt under the oil filter housing on my 68 series 1.5 to install a new washer to stop an oil leak…when i removed the bolt, it seems the threaded end of it are stripped. SNG calls this a “balance valve”. Of course its a special order. No one else seems to sell it…Heres my 2 questions: If the valve body is aluminum and the bolt is made from steel, why did the bolt strip and not the softer material housing? Also, the picture of the SNG valve show a smaller side hole located differently than the one i removed? Mine has a press fit piece that holds a ball and spring in-SNG doesnt have a ball or spring in there’s


I “believe” looking at that bolt the threads are coated with aluminum from your housing.
Take a sharp knife and see if the shiney stuff peels off.


yes i think you are correct. Apon closer inspection, the bolt stripped out the housing and the bolt has remnants of the aluminum housing on it giving the appearance of a stripped bolt. I going to see if i can save the bolt and locate a new housing. Thanks for your help.

I would imagine you could pull the housing off and install a heli- coil.

+1 what Big2Bird said.

The threaded portion of the housing is deeply buried im not sure they could reach that area and machine it and install a Heli coil. I really wish they didnt put fine threads in there. Course threads would have held up much better on an aluminum piece.