Oil Canister Seal 6883 Dimensions (XK150, E-Type, Mk2)


Searching the archives I have not seen the dimensions for the oil canister seal numbered 6883, as fitted to XK150, E-Type, and the MK2.

Can anyone tell me what size they should be? I fitted the smaller of the two seals that came with my filter, and I have a significant leak. I had to stretch this seal slightly to fit in the groove, whereas the larger was too large to sit in the groove.

Roughly, the dimensions of the two seals are :-
Smaller: width 1/16", depth 1/8" (1.6mm x 3.2mm).
Larger: width 1/8", depth 5/32" (3.2mm x 4.0mm).

I did ensure that there was no old seal in the groove - it seems that there was not one fitted previously!


There is no way the filter canister would seal up with the base without a resilient seal in the groove of the base. Check the groove again with a sharp pointed thing to dig out the old seal. The seal needs to fill the goove snugly so the edge of the cannister can compress the center of the seal uniformly all the way around in the groove of the base. Pretty sure I use the larger of the two seals, but I normally dont replace the seal each time I change the filter. Been doing it for 35 years on my xk150 . Probably only changed the seal 3 0r 4 times. The base of the groove with no seal will be aluminum color.

Normally itś the smaller of 2 supplied seals, and certainly with a square profile. Fiddly to fit, and as stated above, does not need to be replaced very often.

If there are 2 seals in the box, which the old OE filters came in, use the smaller one. It may look like the larger one is logical one to use, but it isn’t, it’s the smaller one.
It’s often better to remove the whole filter housing from the block and fix it all up on the bench, than it is fiddling around from underneath with an armpit full of oil.

Thanks Guys,

I took a look at the photos I shot when I originally changed the filter hoping to prove that there was no old seal. I was no longer convinced so off with the canister and the seal I put in. This time I could see an original seal moving around when I poked it with a pick.

I removed this original seal, and it does match the smaller section one. I tried putting in another new seal, but struggled. Since the original was still pliable I was able to get that back in - it needs stretching a tad to go in the groove. So all back together now - just need to take it out to ensure it is no longer leaking.

Thanks for convincing me I must have an older seal in there - even with a bright light it is not easy to tell what is rubber, shadow, or bead of oil.

Just for posterity: the seal cross-section is approximately 1/16" wide and 1/8" deep (1.6mm x 3.2mm).


A mystery.

I have a triangular plate bolted to the outside of my oil filter housing. I have no idea what it is there for. It does not look home made, but I can find no reference to the like in any parts catalog. My car is an XK150S.

My only guess is the clip to hold the carb overflows should be mounted on the top vacant hole.


Just a guess, Throttle return spring anchor?