Oil change frequency

‘06 VDP with 82,000 miles: in five months since the last oil change (synthetic) and tire rotation I’ve only done about 2,000 miles. If I recall, the manual says change oil at 10k or once a year. My personal rule of thumb has been twice a year. But now that I am driving less in retirement, I’m wondering if — with such low mileage on synthetic oil — I’m risking anything by holding off until it’s been a year, or until I run up the mileage substantially?

Many thanks, and hello to my Jag friends over the years.

If you do longer trips (say, more than 30 miles at a time?), then I‘d say you can do two-year changes without a worry. It will be a 4000 mile oil change, and I would say that this is okay. Others might differ. Yearly oil changes will be absolutely no problem, many cars recommend that. Ours see yearly changes at best and approach twenty trouble-free years.
I would, however, change it more frequently if you only take shorter trips now.

Yearly is fine.

If you use the car during winter, you can do it just before winter.

David/Andy: Thanks for the responses. I’ll hold off until December when I’ll probably have traveled about 5k on the oil change and tire rotation. I didn’t think pushing off something like this would be an issue, and it’s nice to get a bit of validation. I don’t really care about pushing off the cost, but hate to do unnecessary work out of force of habit. Retirement’s great, but I’m amazed at how much less I’m driving both the Jag and my Prius now that I don’t have a commute and my long trips are fewer as my wife is now home-bound.