Oil dripping out of both throttle bodies, necessarily PCV related?

Yep, that area in front of radiator was perfect. I fabricated a simple plate out of aluminum that attached the can mount to two rubber clamps that fit around that round pipe brace. There was already a hole where I positioned the drain, i have a short hose below that i simply pull out when draining and tuck back when done.

My catch can is expensive at $200, but i discovered it works very well compared to cheaper ones i tried. High quality. I bought it ten years ago for my Volvo. Got rid of that car, but am reusing the can. Also, the drain is important! Cheaper ones, you need to remove can every time to drain. A real PITA.

The $79 Amazon one has an OK drain. Wasn’t confident about the bowl seal, but it vacuum tested OK. It’ll do for now.

@xjsv12coupe was in the ATX and I was showing him the mods I’d made. It occurred to me that I don’t think I ever posted my catch-can lay-out, remembered this post, and since we’re sharing…

I combined the vacuum used to pull air across the distributor. Evil Energy catch-can mounted front B-bank for easy access. It does not have the drain plug, but is really easy to unscrew to dump the goo out.

Comments, concern, analysis always appreciated!! :grin:

some nice mods indeed, the engine bay is worth a post on itself :+1:

nice and clean engine bay , by removal of unnecessary (for Texas) cold start and additional air pump and circuit