Oil filler plug gearbox not accessible

On my 1970 OTS the filler plug is on the RH side of the tunnel. I am looking to change the GB oil.
However, the plug is almost not accessible since the access opening is positioned too far to the rear (or too small). Has anybody had the same issue and if so, how did you deal with it? Cut the hole?
Many thanks for your insights!

My 69 has the filler on the right side also . You can access it from the bottom of car.
Use a pump to re fill the transmission .

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Same with my 69.
No access hole on the tunnel but, like Roger said, I access the plug from under the car.


Get yourself a Tom Thumb oil pump. This makes filling the box much easier. Fill until oil just starts running out with your car level (about 1.7l).

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I’ve never seen a Tom thumb pump that’s a useful gadget

Thanks. I will attack it from under the car then!

I use one like this. It can also be used for suction. Mine holds most of a quart bottle of gear oil.

68 E-type FHC