Oil filter assembly re assembly

In the process of removing my starter I also took out the spin on oil filter assembly. That was challenging with its’ five bolts and limited space. I am not actually sure I needed to remove that but space looked tight. When I re-assemble with a NEW gasket, should I just “the right stuff” on both side of the gasket or just between the assembly and the gasket and not the engine block side or everywhere??

I did purchase new 300 PSI hose for the 3 inch gap between the connections. The old one was VERY stiff and difficult to cut through with a bladed hand saw.


I’ve never used any sealant on the oil filter to engine block interface gasket. replaced quite a number over the years without any leaks. the return hose to the sump must be oil resistant hose its not a pressure issue. SNG Barratt stock the specific item.

Got the 300 psi oil resistant/higher heat hose at a reasonable price. Do you put the hose on the assembly first and then move it all forward over the front nipple? It seems impossible to install the hose with everything in situ??


I do tend to use sealant on all my gaskets , I rebuilt some fork legs last week , and used it on fibber washers too !
I would put the oil return pipe on the sump first , then slide the housing on to it !