Oil filter canaster

I have a '69 E S2 2+2.
It has a large canister mount attached to the block with a small canaster/filter. Should my car have the large canaster to be period correct?

Your cannister should look like this.

Without measuring I’d estimate it at 3.5" - 4" in diameter.

This is what the original oil filter housing/filter canister looks like:

When you say that yours is small do you mean small diameter, or shorter in length (sorry about this rather personal question…)?


For 1969, most E-Types had the S1 4.2 filter base, which is a hexagonal base with a long canister. After engine 7R2297 (SWB) or 7R35582 (2+2), they went to the round base in David’s photo. and retained the long canister. That base has two circles, because it was also used on, I believe, XJ6’s, which had “short fat” canisters. I think last few S2’s had the short fat canister with a different version of the round base. More data points:


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So I have the large round base like in your photo…but a thinner long can like the other one on fight. Is that then correct or. Should I be looking for a short fat can?

Mine is the large 2 ring base with the longer thin canister. Is this correct?

Yes. it is correct.