Oil filter conundrum

Well, since I just got the 69 S2 OTS last fall and put a few hundred miles on it, I put it up for the winter without changing the oil. The oil was still resonably clean so I wasn’t too concerned. I wanted to change the oil before taking it out of winter storage. I had ordered the oil filter and other necessary parts such as the felt washer bolt washer and the little clip which I thought I might need. After pulling the filter canister, I pulled out the old filter and discarded it. I tipped the canister over and all that fell out was a spring! No washer, no felt washer no clip and no pressure plate. Clearly I believed something was not right. Checked the repair manual and it clearly shows all the internal parts of the filter including the pressure plate. I immediately order a new one and paid for express shipping (in a hurry to get it running since the weather here in Michigan has bee superb. So last night I was looking on the forum for some additional information, but nothing specific to my dilemma was found. So I sat here and pondered the situation when it dawned on me that the filter could not be filtering oil with all these components missing. Wouldn’t the filter be just floating around inside the canister with not sealing to direct the flow of oil through the filter element? Can someone confirm this for me? I believe first in the canister after the bolt is the spring, then a washer, then the felt washer then the pressure plate and finally the filter element. Correct? At least that is the way I understand it. My only other question is what the heck is that little clip for and where in the assembly sequence does that go and what is it’s purpose as I can see none. Thanks again for all the help a newbie is getting on this great forum!


From SNG , is this what have ?



Marco’s post should answer all your questions about what parts go where.

The little clip should be installed on the threaded rod after you have installed the various parts onto the rod (with the exception of the oil filter itself). The clip simply prevents everything from sliding off the rod as you re-assemble the filter canister.

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Quick question about part #11. Is that an O ring that fits into the housing groove that the can (#2) lip sits into?

Mine is apart and it looks like that O ring might be difficult to remove as it’s about 1/2" deep in the groove - thoughts?


There are a couple of Youtube videos that show the oil change process. Although I like diagrams and books, a quality video seems to answer many more of my questions.

This photo could be confusing.
If I recall correctly part # 9 should be located after part # 6. It keeps everything together when canister # 2 is removed.


Exactly! Except there was nothing in the canister except the filter and the spring. The way I see it, the oil could not have been running thru the filter at all.

The spring pushes washer #6 against the filter preventing it from being bypassed. Must have big washer # 6.

Where in Michigan Russ ?


And who last installed this???


Use a small sharp tool like an instrument screwdriver to pry it up. And make sure the replacement is correct as usually, several alternatives are supplied.
The o-ring is supposed to be changed every filter change.

Just went through the exact same scenario, (Including ordering a new washer), After thinking about it I went and dug the old filter out of the trash and the washer was still attached, (suctioned on) to the filter. I now have a complete spare cannister, bolt, spring and washer, All’s well that ends well.

It is a square section seal. Make sure you have the proper replacement , WIX filters usually do, or you will leak oil profusely.
I use a heavy duty sewing needle to remove them, just stick it in the seal, angle it a bit so it can’t slide back out and pull towards you.
The new ones can be a little tight, I oil them up to help them slide in.


I use an awl and a very small long flat blade screwdriver about 2" apart to push the o ring together. The section in between will pop up out of the groove.

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Because of the difficulty of getting that cannister O-ring in and out, on all my customers cars (Jags and other Brit cars), I found I could do 5 to10 oil changes, without changing that O-ring, and never had a leak.

Don’t overthink changing it every time you change the filter.

The previous owner who I now think was a complete idiot! I have found other things on the car that apparently someone who knew nothing was trying to accomplish. So far, nothing that I can’t repair, but still a little concerned. Nothing apparent to the eye, but things like a headlight that was just screwed into the bucket with no adjusting screws and was pointing to the tree tops, literally. Haha. Ordered repair parts for that and got it fixed. Waiting to see what pops up next.

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What a great forum! Thank you all. I think I am good to go as soon as the pressure plate gets delivered. One other question, however. The new filter came with two can seals. One looks to be a square cross section and the other is a much thinner seal. It looks like the one that is installed now is the thinner seal which doesn’t appear to have much of a sealing face. I suppose then that the one I need to use is the thinner seal. Am I correct with this thinking. After seeing the way the filter was installed by the previous owner, I am somewhat apprehensive.

Depending on who supplied it you may have two incorrect ones. The proper one will fit snug in the groove.


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