Oil Filter Drainback

Replaced the oil filter on my ‘88 XJ-S (5.3) when I changed the oil recently- used a Mann W719/7 which is what their online catalog specified. Now on cold start there is a few second delay until the oil pressure builds and the oil warning light goes out (goes out when the gauge moves).
Light and gauge use different senders, and are newish. Same 20W50 oil that I have used previously. Did not have this delay with the WIX filter 51231(although that filter is larger in diameter and touches catalyst).
What is everyone using?
By the way, both show anti drainback valves.

I always see about a sec delay before light goes out and gauge registers. Regardless of filter and oil weight. Regardless of cold start or warm. Regardless of synthetic or fossil fuel

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Go back to the Wix: see if that “fixes” the issue, which is NOT an issue, if upon startup, you don’t rev the guts out of the engine.

Robert, the oil filter hangs vertical, unlikely to have “drainback”. You more than likely have problem with bypass oil cooler valve.
I have same problem with my 89. Have yet to get valve out and inspect.