Oil filter housing paint

I’m ready to paint the oil filter housing and I’m not sure what brown color to use, can you recommend a specific paint color that is close to the original color?

Deltron DBC “Desert Tan” Brand Code 3575. Can’t remember what I matched it to or how I got the code but it looks good on the engine.


I think you will find that the original paint is a metallic… I did find a suitable modern equivalent at one or another of the DIY automotive stores a while ago… if you can take the original with you to any good supplier they can match it.

Plastikote FM8112 Desert Tan is a perfect match.

Here is Desert Tan Metallic on a 1990 Ford pickup.

Here is a place where I recently bought paint for my modern
S-Type. It was a good match.

search 1990 Ford–

I see you have an XK140 filter, but the color is the same.

To get the paint to stick on the aluminum, it is highly recommended you use zinc chromate, first.

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Does anyone know of a source for the decal on the filter body?

Its interesting that you ask this
I have never seen a decal on an XK120/140 filter body but have 2-3 examples on the XK150 ones
One of the reasons they might not have decal is that they have the little metal label pinned to the top housing giving details?

XK120 and XK140 do not have ant labels on oil cleaner cannister.

XK150 does have white label on cannister, but it is screen painted on, and is not a decal.

I have good photos of as new white painted label but no idea if any efforts of a decal are accurate or not.


Here are photos of the oil filter on my 140, manufacture date November 20, 1956. As Roger described, it is likely screen painted and not a decal. I didn’t buy the car new, but have no reason to believe this housing was not original to the car. There is no metal label pinned to the top. Could the build date be late enough that a unit similar to those used on 150s was used? I opted not to repaint to preserve the label.

Very interesting, Bob. Filter assembly FA2708 is not listed in the 140 parts catalogue, and is nothing at all like that used on 150, on which the filter canister was angled up and forwards about 45 degrees.
However, FA2708 is listed for Mark VII beginning with engine N2942 and all Mark VIII and Mark IX. That would be about mid to late '56, up to '61.
So presumably it came along about the time your car was built but by some accident didn’t get put in the 140 book.

one of the reasons this canister needed the label is that it doesn’t have metal tag on alloy casting I do have some of this type maybe due to being very car?

Interesting. Are there any significant differences between this unit and the normal units found on other XK 140s such as capacity or flow rate?

I am away from home for another week, but then can give full details photos etc of the three different XK140 oil cleaners. But in meantime I did do pretty comprehensive coverage in XK140 EXPLORED

No difference in flow rate that I can see any reason to expect. Same felt element part numbers. I imagine you have the same internal non-adjustable relief and external adjustable relief valves.
Main difference is the bolt coming up from the bottom rather than down from the top. Here is the previous version found on most 140s.

There was also a version without the external relief valve, used only on very early 140s and some Mark VIIs, associated with a certain oil pump which had a relief valve inside it.

Just finished restoring the oil filter. How do I set the initial spring tension for the relief valve? Light or heavy at first? Then I will adjust.
PS. I love those BEES bolts with bees on them!!

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