Oil Filter Location on 2016 XJ with V6 supercharged 3L engine

The car is due for an oil change but I have never worn ked on the XJ model, only XJ40 and X300. Can some one tell me the location of the filter and the procedure for getting it off i.e.does it involve removing under side covers or may be it is removable from above? Are there jacking points other than the four designated wheel removal area’s?

I haven’t seen the inside of the engine bay on one of these so this is only a guess, some engines now have the oil filter towards the top of the engine, have you looked there?
On my AJ26 engine, which is earlier than yours the filter is on the right hand side accessible from inside the wheel arch.

Hi Robin. It’s been a while. The last time was an XJ40 question. I found the filter, it is on top of the right front of the engine. I use a suction device hooked to the hollow tube inside the oil fill cavity. I put in about 7.5 qts but it was over filled so I had to suck out about four qts. before the electronic dip stick said the level was OK. That would mean I only have about 3.5 qts of new oil, which is about the amount I took out. The owner’s manual says 6.8 qts, which would mean I left in a bunch of old oil even though the suction tube was down as far as it would go and I could hear it sucking air indicating all the oil was gone. Have you changed the oil
on this engine, is my reasoning right concerning the amount of old oil I left in the engine?

You have to remove the plastic cover to access the filter. It is on the front passenger side (right) on the engine. It is a canister style so you have to unscrew the rather large cap to access. There are special tools available or just use a strap wrench. To get the oil out, there is a tube under the oil filler cap. You suck out the oil. Marine engines have been doing this forever. All of the oil should come out unless the tube is damaged. Once empty, fill with your approx 6-7 quarts, warm up the engine. Turn off and let sit for 10 minutes with the hood open. Turn the ignition on but do not start. scroll through the information on the screen to see the oil level. Owners manual has more information. Add oil accordingly.

Thanks Dick.It’s certainly a better arrangement than on the XJ40 or
X300, no crawling under the car. In order to check any thing
underneath, all those covers have to come off which is not easy on
your own, and even more difficult to get back on. Are they really
necessary? Probably just for aerodynamics when driving at high speed

Aerodynamics and noise. They do make a difference. Try running without them. You should notice a bit more wind noise right off.

The pipe in the dipstick tube already goes to the right place at the bottom of the sump. So, rather than trying to put your suction tube all the way down it, I simply made a connection at the top.

I found a short piece of rubber vacuum hose that goes over the top of the pickup tube, and also over the end of the tube on my vacuum pump.

Works a treat.