Oil Filter Mount for 4.2L?

I have decided to go the 4.2L XJ6 engine route on my 63. I recently acquired a 61K mile Series 3 XJ6 engine and have started the transition to fit my E-Type. In my quest for parts this past year, I acquired a 63 MK X 3.8L that had a spin on oil filter mount in the photo below. I am assuming it is an after market adapter as it appears to be manufactured by Tecalemit Engineering I have a few questions:

  1. Will this after market TE unit work on this Series lll 4.2L?
  2. Where can I tap into as an oil source for the cam oil feed? The current 4,2 cam feed oil line taps into the oil filter mount on the top right side of the assembly. Could I move the current oil pressure mount/unit one bolt toward the rear of the engine (left) and use the connection for the oil pressure switch on the TE unit for my cam oil feed point? The Tecalemit unit will require me to move/remove the exciting oil pressure switch assembly anyway as it will interfere with the TE oil mount.

Yes, I know the 4.2 oil sump will need to be replaced. I have one from a Series l XKE.

Please let me know if additional photos would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your replies.
(sorry photos ended up 90 degrees off)

Morning Kevin,

I don’t think the one on the left will work as I think it will be in the way of the frame rail, and I think it will be a challenge to route the oil bypass back to the sump and will require some creative plumbing. The one on the engine may work as the filter extends out from the engine and the filter will clear the frame, plumping will still be an issue though and the oil cooler lines will need to be plugged.

With regards to your cam oil feed line, what I did, and I think you’ll have to do is to use the oil pressure gauge opening to run the S3 OEM line and then run the oil pressure gauge off of one of the galley plugs. On the S3 engine I used it had a separate mount for the oil pressure light (I think that I see it in your picture just ‘above/in front of’ the oil filter), and I used this for the displaced oil pressure gauge.

Tecalemit was the OEM supplier for all Jaguar filter bases in this era. This one Is a canister base that was converted to spin on with the addition of an aftermarket adapter. You can verify that by measuring the filter threads: Jaguar has never used anything other that 1” filters.

You may end up with clearance issues, either with the frame rails or air canister. You will also need to plumb the bypass hose into the sump. The cam feed can be accommodated by t’ing off the pressure sensor port. Alternatively, you can drill and tap the housing for the feed. If it can be installed, road clearance would be a concern.

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