Oil galley plugs, don't buy the HOLLOW ones!

My machinist failed to return the oil galley plugs, no idea where they got off to. No big deal, I’ll just get a few from XKs.

The ones from XKs have a really poorly formed socket for the hex drive, I think I’ll find something else.

So, I ordered a few from McMaster-Carr. This is XKs’s and McMaster-Carr’s:

What possible use can these… Nevermind. The description on McMasters page DOES say ‘hollow-lock’. But I didn’t think they were going to be HOLLOW, HOLLOW!

McMaster has 14-7/8" 1/2" high, solid this time.

I shoulda stuck with knitting.

Well that would leave me pulling my hair out. My experience with these cars – almost no matter the supplier – is that every tenth part ordered needs either some kind of remedial work to make it fit correctly or gets rejected when, like your hollow plugs, they just can’t be made to work. The price we pay for low production, semi-hand built cars I suppose. Welcome to the club.

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You’ll be wondering where to insert the tool on the next ones. Is this for the big holes along the right side where the filter is? On the 3.8 those plugs are head bolts with copper washers. Not so on the 4.2?

Nope, these are accessible after removing the flywheel and front timing chain cover. The one’s on the exterior are easy.


galley screw

Ah, the big mamma jamma. Don’t forget the one behind the flywheel. You’ll be 5 annoyeds.

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I use a lot of blue painter’s tape to mark things I need to address later.

See tape… either leave it or address the problem and remove it.

This may be too late, but McMaster has a nice feature called Product Detail where you click on it and you get a CAD drawing of the item.
I take it the thread is 7/8-14 UNF?

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Rob, your first image is of a hollow set screw, 91301A210 and is what I got the first time.

I just ordered the second.

The image doesn’t look not hollow. ‘Hollow-lock’… I dunno. It’s just $12.00 for the bag of 5. Maybe someday I’ll need some hollow 14-7/8" set screws. Maybe.

There’s a guy at McMaster that just smiled a little. “Yay, we got rid of the stupid bag of hollow set screws I ordered by accident in 1998. Now it’s somebody else’s problem”.