Oil Leak Two Thousand and Nineteen

(Tony Koschinsky ) #1

It has been mentioned, but no details. C’mon, you guys in the know. Share.

Please and thank you.


(Paul Wigton) #2

I know nussink!!

But, Id like to bring the Rover!

(David Langley) #3

As a frequent Oil Leaker, as well as one of the most qualified to use the name (I get about 300 miles per quart, much of which ends up on the underside of the car!) , I will try to answer this as best I can. A 2019 Oil Leak is well into the planning stages. Given the popularity of recent Oil Leaks, and the fear of becoming too large to manage, this year the organizers have chosen to open up registration in stages. More news when it is available…

(69 FHC ) #4

What geographic area?

(David Langley) #5

No more information at the moment. I just had my wrists slapped by Joe Lucas for saying as much as I did…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Paul Wigton) #6

Tell Joe he’ll deal with me!


(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #7

Bear in mind, if the Oil Leak is too far from home (generally it is well west of the Rockies) an alternative is to start your own event closer to home. There is no part of North America (and, I presume, Europe) that does not have roads that can be improved by a group of E-Types and drivers who enjoy such things.

(Tony Koschinsky ) #8

As befiits the nature of the event, we’ll anxiously await the details as they leak out.


(Paul Wigton) #9

…and other LBCs!!!

(Mark Gordon) #10

A few years ago, inspired by the WCOL tours, I put together an East Coast Oil Leak Tour. We only got two other cars for a three day, around the Chesapeake Bay tour so I was a little discouraged by the response although I think that the three of us with our SO’s had a good time. Maybe it’s time to have another go at what the East Coast has to offer. Any interest from the Right Coast folks?

(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #11

When the west coast ‘Iron Bottom’ tour was discontinued in 2007 I did an Arizona-based tour (all vintage British) and only got 3 cars the first year. Quickly grew to a point where we had to limit participation. You should definitely give it a chance.

(69ots) #12

I’d be up for something in the mid-Atlantic or Ohio Valley next summer, if it’s open to other cars. Won’t have my Jag available then.

(Paul Wigton) #13

As the originator… may I suggest the Leaks not be exclusively Jaguar?

I only have one leaky old Brit car, and it aint a Jag…:grin:

(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #14

Is that the tour that Mike Goodwin ramrodded?

(Pascal G) #15

We d be interested in something on the east coast, schedule permitting and if the roads are fun :slight_smile:

There are so great roads in the appalachians. A few weeks ago we spent a week driving in North Ga, Sc and TN using the “most Backest” backroads as possible including the Tail of the Drafin.

There are some great ones out there waiting to be enjoyed. We took the GTV6 (1981) which is a perfect car for back roads. Great handling car with 50/50 weight distribution, transaxle and in board rear brakes. Next trip will be with E-type though

(67 OTS mailed check Patron) #16

Try again with a one day trip at first, I’ll try to make it now that I’m retired.

(Carsten) #17

I will participate one day in my car…even thats still a few years away from now.

My car`s almost finished, but to justify ferry-ing it over the atlantic and back it means I have to have enough money plus at least 6 months of time…


(Paul Wigton) #18

You always have a place to stay!

(67 OTS mailed check Patron) #19

If you need some help, I may be in England next September.

(Carsten) #20

Hi Mike,

I am in Germany, actually J, but thanks for telling me. I think I´ll have it done by then – lets see J

And of course, we´ll come back to the US one day – I´ll let you all know. Maybe without Felix,

but the idea is to do a GRAND tour in the E- Type. What more could you expect from life then

doing a tour like East to West in an E-Type with your (still amazing) wife over the north route,

and then back from West to East the Southern way, ending both in New York, in 6 months or so?

Must be a dream – if I can, I´ll do that.

Schöne Grüße,