Oil Leak Two Thousand and Nineteen

(Paul Wigton) #21

You’ll be driving a lot, not seeing a lot! Take a year!

(Mark Gordon) #22

Carsten, years ago when I was just starting out on my adult life, Carol and I discussed doing just what you’re talking about: retiring, renting out the house and taking a year to travel and really see America. Life has gotten in the way, and I can no longer see that happening. I hope that you can check that item off of my ultimate bucket list. I agree with Paul, take a year to do it and don’t miss Canada in the process. Read John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charlie”; it’s what got me to thinking along those lines. And make sure that you stop in our area again for more than a few days so that we can show you what this area really has to offer. Free room and board while you’re here!

(69 FHC ) #23

So much to see and so little time, even in retirement. The one area in the lower 48 we haven’t explored by car is anyplace north of Philadelphia, i.e. New York and points North East of NY.

We need a tour for the South East U. S., or a mid states oil leak.

(Paul Wigton) #24

Id be willing to help on a 2020 KOKOL: Kansas-Oklahoma Leak. Some nice places to see in both.

That’s closer to Arkansas…:wink:

(Ole Würtz) #25

Mark, last time my car wasn’t ready for prime time, but I’m up for it in 2019.
Mind you, that PTO is limited and we also plan to put our house on the market in the spring. So maybe for me it will just be partial participation.
Dang it, I need to retire …

(Mark Gordon) #26

It’s sounding like there might be enough interest to put together another DCOLT (DC Oil Leak Tour). The last one involved three days of leisurely driving with stops along the way that were of interest to both the men and women. We could set one up with a different route and would also include stops of interest along the way. Unfortunately, the eastern half of the U.S. doesn’t have relatively empty roads and open spaces that would allow for seeing what an E’s top end feels like, but there are plenty of twisty mountain roads that make for enjoyable driving, assuming that the navigator doesn’t suffer from car sickness when the handling is pushed to its limits. (Carol quickly gets motion sickness if I push it.:frowning_face:)
May or early June usually has the best weather for top down motoring and mid-September to mid-October is usually good, also. I would be interested in some feedback from those who might want to do a tour in regards to general routes, month of the year and points of interest. I will put the suggestions to consideration and a vote of the Committee.
Edit: By “top down motoring” I mean the OTS, not SWMBO, although that would be optional. Also, British metal would be ideal, but if yours isn’t available for whatever reason, any other mode of transportation would be welcome.

(Pascal G) #27

We d Definitely be interested. Roads in south Florida are so boring that the only way to enjoy our cars is to drive a few hundred miles north…

For the east coast, the Appalachians offer thousands of miles of great back roads, all within a days drive of most east coast to mid west locations. While most people stick to Skyline Dr or the Blue Ridge, the back roads are traffic free.

As mentioned earlier, last month we did a 2000 miles trip to North GA, SC, TN. While we took I75 to get to Atlanta, the rest of the trip was all on the most curvy back roads I could find. The E-type wasn’t ready so we took the GTV6, a car which is (almost) as much fun as the E

I used an app called inRoute to create a daily road map, it allows setting manual waypoints to avoid auto routing and pick the best twisty back roads. It was a blast.

In our case points of interests were not necessarily the criteria, it was all about road qualities and scenery.

I d love to help planning something for next year

(1968 E-Type FHC) #28

Definite interest here with some kind of 2019 OL closer to the east coast. Lots of great roads to choose from. May, June, September, October are all good. For me, September-October would have a slight edge because of dry weather and colors but all good!

(LLoyd (just a rithmetician)) #29

It is really encouraging to see this interest in an East Coast Leak!

While I would not be able to attend, I’m so far west-coast (I can see Russia from my front porch! Or was it back porch?). 200-250 miles per day on a slow, windy road gives plenty of time for site-seeing, socializing and picture taking. (and roadside repairs)


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(Paul Wigton) #30

Jerry was always adamant, that there is no need for the “Tour” on the end.

Being the originator, I could care not a lot less, but I’ve always seen Jerry’s point!

Enjoy, when ya get it arranged, no matter whatcha call it!

(Mark Gordon) #31

I agree, Craig. Sept-Oct usually has the best, predictable weather here in the mid-Atlantic region (no comments about being located somewhere between DC and London, please). Sept-Nov. is a busy time for me, but with advanced notice, I can usually find time. This past Autumn has been rare exception for our area; nearly constant rain. Our annual rainfall is usually about 37". We’re more than 24" above that now, with another month to go. This can’t keep on going, can it?

(Mark Gordon) #32

Lloyd, I think that you’re right that the slower pace and fewer miles per day would suit SWMBO better than a holligans’ run. For the past 10-15 years, a bunch of us E Typers have gotten together on a Sunday morning in April and then again in October for a run of 250 miles or so through the mountains west of DC. We leave a western suburb at 5:30 and hit the roads with the most twists and turns that we can find (which ain’t hard in the Shenandoah’s). Some guys head north of the century mark, but I try to keep the speeds in the plain irresponsible zone. I don’t think that would be good for a trip with SWMBO, certainly not mine.

(Mark Gordon) #33

I see your and Jerry’s point, Paul. But if you want to be really honest about it, “oil leak” and “British cars” are redundant, mutually inclusive terms.

(1967 FHC) #34

Just an FYI for those that might be interested. Classic Motorsports has driving tours and they seem to be close to Florida where they have their office: http://motorsportmarketing.activehosted.com/index.php?action=social&chash=7f5d04d189dfb634e6a85bb9d9adf21e.1590&s=08a5fda7b3783c6208835b5030dbee55


(69ots) #35

Only $6000 per couple for somebody to let me drive my car for 4 days!

(69 FHC ) #36

Act now, space is limited. Operators are standing by. :smile:

(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #37

The tag line from the week-long Britcar tours I do in the Southwest is ‘The event where you can drive your own car on public roads for free’.

(Paul Wigton) #38

Like Don McClean once sang…the more ya pay…

(Lester Waxman) #39

Hello Mark,
My name is Lester Waxman. I am from Northern New Jersey. I have a 73 E Type OTS. The oil leak sounds interesting. Please keep me in mind if you think this may actually to come to be.
Thank you.

(Mark Gordon) #40

Thanks for expressing interest, Lester. I haven’t received any replies to my above request for time of year and possible general route preferences. The Committee is anxiously waiting.