Oil Leak Two Thousand and Nineteen

(Jack Terrick '66 FHC Greensburg, PA) #41

If Moss Motors has their Moss Fest in Petersburg, Va next year that might make a good focal point. We found some great roads on the way back to western Pa from their 2017 event. Since they’ve acquired XKs a nice turnout of Jags would be fitting.

(Mark Gordon) #42

That’s a good suggestion, Jack. As I recall, it coincided with a British show in Richmond. I’ll check into the timing on those events.

(69 FHC ) #43

Have you thought about the Great Smokey Mountains, tail of the dragon, Blue Ridge Parkway?

(Pascal G) #44

I m not familiar with the classic tour mentioned ealier but some of these events are first class. I did a few of the Taylor’s Vintage Rallies years ago and while not cheap the quality of the accommodations, restaurant plus the loaner cars and flat bed / mechanic explain the cost. And in their cases profits go to charities

About the oil leak, For the east coast the area along the Blue Ridge would be ideal as it is pretty much within a days drive of a large number of owners from New England to Florida to the Midwest. It was the rationale back in 2003 for the very successful JCNA event in franklin TN

Personally I find the Blue Ridge to be overated. There are far better back roads along the way, with a lot less traffic. A combination of the BR and back road maybe nice.

If there is any interest in something next year, I d be glad to help…

(Paul Wigton) #45

I’m confused…:thinking:

(Pascal G) #46

That s why I said “the AREA ALONG the Blue Ridge”

(Jack Terrick '66 FHC Greensburg, PA) #47

35 mph speed limit and congestion on Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. More of a parade than a real drive. You will not find a better road for an E-Type than Va rte. 56. It crosses the Blue Ridge, and is worlds better than the Dragon. I still do want to do the Cherohala Skyway with the E someday. The day I drove the Dragon the Skyway was fogged in.

(69 FHC ) #48

I thought that’s what you meant when you typed “. . . the area along the Blue Ridge”. :grin:

(Pascal G) #49

A year ago we did the Skyline and the most of the Blue Ridge driving home the 81 GTV6 we bought in Annapolis. We bailed out of the Blue Ridge about 200 miles from th end as my blood pressure was spiking to dangerous levels being stuck behind Priuses, minivans and muscle cars driving 15 MPH below speed limits. I know muscle car owners don’t like corners but…

We did the tail of the Dragon this year, fun… there is another dragon, VA 16 The Back of the Dragon, that looks interesting.

Another nice road is the Snake, a loop road off the Blue Ridge in Switzerland. We did it on the trip back from Annapolis.

(69 FHC ) #50

We’ve been on it twice in the past 3 years. Both times the issue wasn’t traffic but heavy rain and fog. Any fun gets sucked away when you can’t see more than 100 yards at a scenic overlook and will get soaked if you get out of the car. I bet the views are stunning when you can see them.

(Paul Wigton) #51

Gotcha… I think!
That’s an area with which I have little familiarity.

(Pascal G) #52

That was the Dragon this year. Rain and clouds

(Bob K) #53

Mark - Please put me down on the “interested” list and let me know if you need help with organizing. Bob

(Mark Gordon) #54

I did that run a couple of years ago. It’s a great mix of roads, scenery and attractions. It’s a good choice. The photo on my avatar was taken on TOD. Here are a few shots taken on TOD and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Unless you have a passenger, it’s impossible to take photos with a hand held camera on the Dragon.

(Mark Gordon) #55

The first shot is of the Medivac helicopter landing pad at the west end of the Dragon. It’s there for a good reason.
The speed limit, strictly enforced, is 35 mpg on the Dragon. For me, that was plenty fast most of the way. It’s also 35 on the Skyline drive because of wildlife and cyclists. It gets to be boring after an hour or so. 45 mph on Blue Ridge Parkway, but still no challenge in an E. The scenery on both mountain roads is gorgeous, but not something you would want to drive the whole way. Might be good for a short section, but the side roads are much more fun for the driver. Maybe not so much fun for a motion sickness prone passenger.

(Paul Wigton) #56

Nice photo: who took it?

(Paul Wigton) #57

I’d like to do a MHOL: Mike High Oil Leak: it will definitely involve a trip to the top of Pike’s Peak!!!

(Pascal G) #58

There are a few photographer along the Tail of the Dragon who set up up shop and then upload their pics online to sell…

(Pascal G) #59

Has anyone driven down Pikes Peak at night?

I have… well in a tow truck with the E-type on the flat bed. Long story :). Spectacular view…

(rummy1) #60

I’m interested too. Put me on the info list.
Thanks. rummy1pa@comcast.net

Stu Romberger