Oil Leak Two Thousand and Nineteen

(Paul Wigton) #61

My night drive down was less… dramatic!

The views are indeed breathtaking… literally, for my flatlander cousins!

(LLoyd (just a rithmetician)) #62

Pikes Peak isn’t the fun it “used-ta was”.

When I used to run it, it was all dirt road and the car ran essentially sideways much of the time and there were no guard rails. On one run, I lost one of those big, heavy full hub caps from a rear tire. The guy behind me said it came off and didn’t even touch the road, just went right over the cliff. Driving pace slower, so run times longer, now-a-daze you just zip right up there with your A/C on listening to Beethoven.

Still… everyone should get up there at least once to see it.


Don’t you just hate those who live in the US for ten years and never bother to learn the language?
I think no one should graduate from grade school without learning either Cherokee, Apache, Ute or Arapaho.

LLoyd July, 2014

(LLoyd (just a rithmetician)) #63

Now, there is something I have not done… I did an up-and-down on Mt. Evans over night back when it was the “highest paved road in the world”.

Don’t you just hate those who live in the US for ten years and never bother to learn the language?
I think no one should graduate from grade school without learning either Cherokee, Apache, Ute or Arapaho.

LLoyd July, 2014

(Paul Wigton) #64

Not to mention, it’s all paved now. Big, broadsliding turns were more fun to watch! Dad did the Peak, in '64-'65-'66, and said he’s rarely had as much fun!

(rummy1) #65

I did it, in a bus with a troop of Boy Scouts, on the way to Philmont NM. 1964, end of June, snow on the ground and dirt roads.

Probably as slowly as a in a DKW…

(Mark Gordon) #66

With the holidays behind us, I’ve had some thoughts about an East Coast tour. John Walker had suggested the Smokies, Tail of the Dragon and Blue Ridge Parkway while John Terrick suggested combining a tour with Moss Motors annual Motorfest. Motorfest is on June 6-7 this year and then the Little Switzerland Concours meeting (just north of Asheville) is the 11th through the 14th. The best time to travel in the Mid Atlantic states is mid-September to mid-October in terms of predictably decent weather and lack of summer vacationers. I couldn’t find any particular attractions like Motorfest and Little Switzerland Concours at that time.

Here is where my thinking currently is (back roads where possible/practical): Meet just south of DC on Saturday morning, June 8th. Drive to Petersburg for the Moss Motorfest and overnight in Petersburg. Sunday, drive to Greensboro, NC area for the local attactions (still investigating) for overnight. Monday, drive to Asheville to visit the Biltmore Estate with overnight in Asheville. Tuesday, drive to Little Switzerland for the concours that day and on Wednesday. Both nights at the Little Switzerland Inn. Thursday, tour ends and you’re on your own for more stuff in the area or head home.

I’ve talked with a AAA tour planning counselor about the route, avoidance of interstates, accomodations, restaurants, etc. It looks like we could put something together that’s interesting whether we do it in June of around the first of October. In lieu of Motorfest and Switzerland concours, an October trip could include stops at Colonial Williamsburg and more time driving the mountain roads around Asheville. Participants could, of course, join or leave the tour at any point along the route. Once the route and timing are finalized (that should be done within the next month so that we have a better chance of getting room reservations.), I can post a list of accomodations at each of the stops. Participants would be responsible for making their own reservations. I am anxious to get some feedback on the proposed itineraries and which month would be most preferred, particularly from those of you who are really interested in participating.

(Bob K - 1964 FHC) #67


Count me in (car situation permitting) both as a participant and if you need help with organizing. Your plan sounds good, although its a pity that there aren’t any “destination” events in early Autumn, when the weather will be more tolerable.


(Mark Gordon) #68

I agree. However, Shenandoah Valley British Car Club does have their annual show 4-5 October in Waynesboro, Va. Nothing says that a tour would have to involve organized Jag or British events. Nothing is set in stone yet. We’ll have to see if we get more responses from interested members. I noticed that you have VA plates. Where in VA are you located?

(Bob K - 1964 FHC) #69

I’m in Fairfax County about 10 miles north of you. Are you an NCJOC member?

(Mark Gordon) #70

No. I’m a JCNA member at large. Glad to know another E owner lives nearby!

(Ole Würtz) #71

Interested. Leaning towards the June option.
Edit: I’m in Annapolis

(67 OTS mailed check Patron) #72

keep me informed, I’m in Bethesda.

(Mark Gordon) #73

It appears that I’ve been responsible for hijacking this thread, so I’m starting a new thread for what I’m calling the East Coast Oil Leak tour. Check it out for the latest info.

(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #74

Pedantic perhaps, but I’ll mention that tradition has it the Oil Leak is called just that, the word ‘tour’ is not appended to it. By that convention yours would be the ‘East Coast Oil Leak’.

(Mark Gordon) #75

:thinking::smirk: plus more words so it posts

(Paul Wigton) #76

Potato, potaahto, either is fine!

Like Joey sez… let’s drive!

(1967 FHC) #77

Well, Jerry would not like the “tour” appendage. He would, however, heartily approve of the sentiment “let’s drive!”


(Paul Wigton) #78

Jerry may well have not: as the person who was there at the beginning, and who Jerry often credited as the “father of the Leaks” (a term Ive always been a bit uncomfortable with), Ill just say… so long as the Leaks continue to celebrate the tradition of using our cars, as they are meant to be, the precise appellation matters not.

Gas on!!!

(1967 FHC) #79

Well, his XKEdata profile does say: “Argumentative.”

(Craig Balzer) #80

I’m thinking drop the (T)our and add either (I)nterstate or (I)nternational or (I)nspection and – -- BAM – -- you’ve got ECOLI