Oil leak - Vicinity of the oil supply line for cams

My Wife’s treasured 120 FHC has an oil leak at the left lower rear of the block near where the camshafts oil supply line attaches to the block. I have been trying to stop this leak for 30 years with no success. I suspect the oil supply line and have tried the OE copper crush washers, those washers that have a rubber seal in them, various sealing agents on the washers. I have replaced the oil line and two of the banjo bolts I broke by over-tightening.
I have replaced the cam cover gaskets several times with no success there either.
Any been there, done that with an oil leak in this area??

TIA, Eric

Probably everyone had some leak issues here, me included.
SNGBarratt is selling upgraded washers, from aluminium with some rubber at the inner edge.

They solved my leaks.

Considering you’ve tried everything else, I suspect sealing surface damage.
The sealing surfaces on the block and head have to be perpendicular to the tapped threads, and smooth with no divots, chips and scores.
Can you look for damage, get a file or grind stone in there?

thats what i had to do to mine to cure the problem.

Almost a month on, would be nice to know if the OP has cured the leak.


Regretttably, I have not solved the leak. Still trying, tho.

The Banjo Bolt Compression Washers C4146 from SNG Barrett do help a lot!

By the way, has anyone had and experience with Barrett’s ‘braided’ Camshaft Oil Feed Pipe?



Try the one from Rob Beere racing. It has less joints

Thank you Phil.

It looks great!

He’s a really nice guy and very helpful.

Thanks again, Phil.


Really happy to help. Robs a great guy. Very much a case of you get what you pay for with rob .

With best regards
Philip Dobson

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