Oil level float element full of oil


I am finally moving forward and when cleaning up the sump I removed the oil level float from the sump and it was full of oil in the element housing.

I cleaned it out and tested it and resistance varies from 4 to about 85 ohms, so good variance over the scale and in pristine condition.

The question: Is it normal to have oil in the coil and swipe arm enclosure or should it be dry? Is the oil non conductive? Never thought about that.

It is original so I want to keep it, if it should be dry has anyone repaired such a leak.


Same as the fuel tank sender, the operating shaft is not a perfect seal, so fuel or oil gets in the resistor chamber, but it doesn’t affect the signal. You want to seal the cover and screw terminal of course, so it doesn’t drip on the floor.


As usual the font of all knowledge. Many thanks.


Oil is normally non conductive, as is gasoline.