Oil light flickering at Idle when hot

The oil light flickers at idle when hot. 235,000Km. Using High Mileage Castrol + oil viscosity stabilizer.
I would like to put a mechanical gauge in the system to check real pressure and test sender for fault.
Where is the oil pressure light switch/sender?

Thanks, Hale


If you are using 5W30, try changing to 10W30. As our cars age, the clearances get wider.


Many thanks – I have previously used 20-50 GTX but bought into the High Mileage story to my sorrow.

The idiot light flickering only at hot idle means it likely all works, just go up in oil weight; my modern ~170tkm cars get 5w40 but if it makes the flickering go away why not go to a 50. Don’t waste your money on the high mileage stuff and additives (if it does get even worse you can buy those thickeners or 60 oil but at that point the engine is likely worn out).

Yup, my 03 with 216k miles on it does exact same thing. As already stated, it means your engine has high miles and worn bearings so more oil passes by them and, unfortunately, less gets pumped up top to lubricate the top end parts such as your cam shafts. In short… Go up on your oil weight, but you really shouldn’t go past 50 weight, especially in cold climates. As a rule, if your running 50 do NOT even attempt to start your car on days when the temp is substantially less than freezing. I run synthetic 40 weight with Lucas stabilizer and I NEVER try to start my tired 3.0L once the thermometer hits 20°F. Anything below freezing should cause you to evaluate your need to drive a car with overly-thick oil because it gets much thicker in the cold and those worn bearings will allow your rods to move from side to side due to the play and that will make a loud knocking that will make you cringe. To summarize… the thicker the oil and colder the weather, the more you should consider finding alternative transportation.

It could be any one of these things low oil level, faulty oil pressure
sensor,old oil pump, hi engine temp., oil pressure relief valve,
oil strainer clogged,
2002 x type