Oil line to pressure gauge fittings. Mk 1, 1956

I’m looking to rebuild the line to my oil pressure gauge and create a 2nd one for back up/emergency failure. Does anyone know where to purchase the original BSP fittings? I’ve seen the stainless lines available from the usual vendors, I’ve looked in the JL archives, followed some leads to hydraulic fitting shops and visited a few places that make hoses. Nothing available so far. Anyone had any luck with the exact fitting pictured below. Or, will I have to by a repro stainless line with fittings attached from the usual Jaguar vendors?


I’m not trying to be funny here at all Bruce, but what that picture says to me is “buy a lathe”. I did. It is an incredibly useful tool and both fun and immensely satisfying to work with.

I’d offer to make you some myself but I live in Australia which probably isn’t convenient. I’d suggest getting in contact with your local model railway enthusiasts club. There will be a dozen friendly old guys there who could make them for you easily.

This is not my lathe, but my brother in law’s. He is a diesel mechanic. My lathe is much smaller; 600mm bed and 250mm swing over.

Here I am machining a Moss box bell housing so that it will fit a later all synchro box. This was incredibly good fun.


Look’s like a brake hose fitting , with the hose cut off , well very close ! s-l1600%5B1%5D

This is a Goodridge straight convex swage fitting , worth asking your local Goodridge supplier .

Brian if you search for BSP you will be
up the wrong thread tree.
Thread is 28 TPI on 3/8 Dia, called
Brass thread rate I think.
Peter B.

That’s cheating, its got DRO’s on it.
Actually my small lathe has them as well but I find they are a bit useless.

If you mean the original unshielded rubber type…

Buy the repro hoses from XKs Unlimited.
I always carry a spare.
My '51 XK120

My '38 SS

Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

I like the idea of someone making one or two, maybe on a CNC machine. I might see if my nephew knows how to use his university engineering department CNC machines. I might have another CNC source but, it is an active business and it would probably be necessary to have my CAD design ready for the computer so I can be in and out of their shop.

I don’t know much about engineering, CAD or CNC.

My fitting has 28 tpi on the gauge. I believe that makes it BSPT 1/8 28 tpi. Does an engineering drawing or CAD file exist for this fitting?


Bruce, correct name this time.
To be precise quote thread rate and dia
to a machine shop.
Don’t confuse the conical seat for the
connecting pipe with a tapered thread
which in this case is parallel, not BSPT
Peter B.

This hose is only $40 at XKs Unlimited, part CO-8068, and with the braided shielding is better than the original. Why reinvent the wheel?

I was trying to avoid using stainless with crimped-on fittings. Hoping to find/create something like the top hose in the photo below.

Do you lose points at a show when engine bay is judged and stainless hose with crimp fittings are used?

Ahh, ok if your goal is original appearance I understand perfectly.
I don’t know that anyone has attempted to trace the history of the development of that hose from the original unshielded rubber to the present day braided shielded version, but brass braid shielded was the standard version available in about 1970 when I first needed one on my Mark V.
As to concours, I suspect most cars on the concours field will have a new replacement, and the judges will not be aware that there was ever any other version.