Oil pan chop help needed - can it be done?

Hi guys,
I’m planning a project where I need the oil pan (1975 xj6 4.2) front 5 or 6 inches brought up to the level of the base of the harmonic balancer. This will allow me to bring the engine forward over the steering rack.
I’m reluctant to touch the rack.
Has anyone chopped their oilpan?

That bulge at the front is where the oil pump is. I doubt the sump depth can be reduced there. What is this going in?

Mike is correct: unless you use an external oil pump, the front of the pan cannot be flattened.

I’ve taken on someone else’s project, which had a Ford v8 set back into the bulkhead. I want to fit a jaguar engine instead and bring it forward but the steering rack is in the way. I can get the harmonic balancer just above of the rack but then the oil pan hits it. It’s a d type replica of sorts!
What’s involved with fitting an external oil pump.?

Fairly involved process: different pickup pipe, removal of the internal pump, a dry sump pan, and the attendant bracket and pump. Rob Beere likely has all the bits you’d need.


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Ok, I’ll look into it.
Not sure the budget will cope but thanks for the info anyway

What about cutting a channel, say 3 inches wide to clear the r&p and up 2 or 3 inches, across the sump set back from the front (5 or 6 inches back) to slot over the rack.

As the Japanese say…verrry difficult.

You have the two pipes from the pump, that need to xfer across your ‘gap,’ plus, how does one drain/keep fresh the oil that will accumulate in the 'pump bump?"

EDIT: if one removes the stock pump, you do not need to bridge that gap with the pipes, since they will be rerouted, so could be doable.

I’m looking at a similar issue, with my Jeepster hot rod, but I have vertical space above the rack with which I can ‘cheat.’

Whoever left this project to you did you no favor. Honestly, your most economical path forward is to go back to any V8. Oil pump on the Chevrolet is at the rear, so it is the least likely to foul the steering. It sounds like someone fabricated a pseudo D-type without actually leaving room for a Jaguar 6. To eliminate the internal oil pump, you are talking about converting to a dry sump oiling system. I can tell you from personal experience that you can put together a nice street V8 for what you will spend on all parts for a dry sump system.

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Thanks Mike, but it has to be a jaguar engine in a d type

Can you stretch the chassis through the engine compartment?

No. Current measurents are spot on for scale.

If one can weld, either aluminum or steel, building a DS pan is doable: that said, overall, the fabrication of that, the bracketing, the Gilmer belt drive, the tank and the plumbing is going to be in excess of $2000, likely when all is done.

I understand the OP’s impetus, but, it’s going to be a long, involved process.

Summit, JEGS, and Moroso are also all good suppliers.

Not the cost of the pump, alone.


BTW, welcome to the loonie bin!


Who designed the front suspension geometry? Is it fabricated or lifted straight out of a donor?

You can add replacing everything on the crank snout so that it can accommodate the mandrel that carries the toothed sprocket for the oil pump drive to that list.

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Front end is jaguar, I’m assuming the rack position is correct.
At present I can fit the harmonic balancer just over the rack, but may need to increase bulge in bonnet,the rear of the engine is partly in the bulkhead, about 7 inches. My aim is to bring the engine forward and lower (even just by 2 inches) for a more authentic look.
Steering rack rethink.

From your description of what you are working with, and your aversion to the cost of dry sump oiling, your best path forward is to move the engine back and down not forward. I don’t see how the proportions can be close to a D-Type if a Jag six won’t fit? I would also point out the the original D-Types were themselves dry sump engines, so they sat very low in the chassis.

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At the moment I’m not averse to the cost of DS, only looking at any alternative avenues that may be available.
I may well become averse to DS when I find out the real cost, but if that’s the only way to overcome these problems then I will look at it seriously.

I also believe the engines were canted over a few degrees, too: @PeterCrespin will know for sure.

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Has the PO installed a complete XJ / XJS front suspension, mounted as per Jaguar? Any chance of a photo showing the front end arrangement?
Peter B