Oil pipe banjo washers

(V12 Dave) #1

So I am looking at either using non-OEM copper washers (from NAPA down the street and available for this weekend’s time in the shop) for the pedestal and block banjo fittings, or ordering OEM and waiting for 4+ weeks while they come through the Cdn postal system, that due to strike action, will be backlogged til about when hell freezes over.
The NAPA washers are bang on ID but just a tad thicker. Not so much that the feed hole alignment will be a problem.
So then I think it comes down to the material (the copper).
Anyone have experience using non OEM washers in these applications? I will anneal them just to ensure they havn’t been hardened by the manufacturing process.
Not the end of the world if they leak and I have to replace them, but I would just as soon only do it once.

Thanks ( I really want to get this job done this weekend)

(John) #2

I have used non OEM washers in locations you mention and there was no problem. If I remember correctly these locations had normal thickness washers from the factory and there was no alignment issues. I got new copper washers at local Würth shop. You can get really good quality stuff there. Don’t know if you have it in us though.

(V12 Dave) #3

Thanks for the reply!