Oil pressure at 65 I changed filter still 60+ now looking at relief valve looking for advice

Best way to shine up my aluminum cam covers , carburetors and intake manifold

I’m confused. The subject line of this post doesn’t seem to bear any relation to the question in the text.

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That is because he is old, and not good with computers.

Billy, what oil are you using? Is the 60psi on a cold engine or have you driven it a few miles and it is still 60 at idle?
60 on a cold engine is normal for some engines where the relief valve opens at around 60. maybe so for the 120?
As long as you have plenty of oil when you look at the cam where you fill your oil in I think everything is alright.

Best way to get your cam covers to shine depends on how good they are. Give paint polish or aluminium polish a try.

Put a good direct reading gauge in if you haven’t already. Don’t mess with the relief valve until you know what the real pressure is. If your pressure isn’t really high, then troubleshoot the sender/gauge.
Sender units are notoriously. I’ve just had 4 different used ones in the mk10 trying to find a good one. The only one that reads correctly, leaks. I’ve had the same unit read high, then later zero. New ones are around a hundred bucks.

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”Plenty of oil when you liik at the cam”
Is this after switching off the engine, or the next day?
I keep my oil levels at the lower hatch on the stick, and always measure 24 hrs after switching off the engine

I always ran the E type at that lower level, and it consumed less oil and cut down on rear main seal leakage.

The oil will settle very quickly after shutdown, the question is if new oil is replenished by the cam feeds or not. If nothing fresh comes there will be less and less oil and the cams will eventually get louder. The camshafts have the last bearings to receive any oil as it has to go through a crankshaft bearing first. So if they have an oil supply the rest of the engine is lubricated.
Mind that it’s not the level in the sump but the oil supply at the camshaft I was talking about. It has no connection to the level in the sump.

I keep mine on the lower end, 1 minute after shutdown. As long as your oil pressure light never comes on your level is okay.