Oil pressure gauge not showing anything

hi all, just bought a 1965 s type and pick it up monday. oil gauge not working. how can i test to show what it is and how do i know iv got pressure there if i start it up.

Check wires first , may have been disconnected because of low pressure :thinking:

all wires on. i know previous owner and said only just stopped working. no reason to disbelieve him.

Mine failed too - needle drifted randomly across the range unrelated to engine rpm. Fitted a new sender (on top of the filter block) and instantly there were perfect readings. The internals of these senders fail with age.

Make sure you get the right one. If you get one with a different range, it won’t communicate accurately with the gauge.

You can get them to work again by dismantling and cleaning the contacts within. Probably hardly worth the effort, but could be done to prove the fault. Easy, but dirty way to check pressure is just remove sender unit and spin engine over. Oil should squirt out. Make sure engine won’t start ( remove rotor or some such)

yes this is a good system, and rapid!.
You can also fit in on the side of block , a pressure gauge screwed at the place of big bolt (3/4).
Here is the principal line of oil circulation.