Oil Pressure in a 3.4

Is there a port on the engine block where I can attach a hose with a pressure gauge on the other end so I can check my oil pressure against the oil pressure gauge on the dash?? If so where is it.
Also, Is there a pressure relief mechanism for the 3.4.
1967 Jag MKII
Thanks, David

Any of the brass oil gallery bolts ( on RHS ) can be used to connect a pressure gauge.
On my s-type that is where I have the oil pressure sender connected ( using a adaptor).
As my ( later XJ6) oil filter housing does not have a connection.
The oil pressure relief valve is also on the oil filter housing.
But depending on the type, it can be on a different location.
What oil filter housing do you have? ( picture or number can be useful )

RuschP, Thanks for the help. I have not sought out the brass oil galley bolts yet, up to my ears with BSA Eagle Rank service projects this weekend, two today. I shall try to get to it tonight.
I Love your coop, it is one of my favorites, right after my Healey MKIII that I been driving for 55 years.
Do you do all the work on your cars? I would like to speak with someone that has rebuilt the rear suspension structure in a MKII before I attempt the project. I have a RHD Jag MKII '64 that needs major work on that end of the car. I have all the parts and am ready to jump in. I do not hesitate to do it but it is always to speak with one with previous experience to avoid do-overs.
Thanks, David, Christiansburg, VA

Is there a standard range of oil pressure at hot idle and at maybe 2k rpm
I am dropping down to 20psi at idle, hot
I am getting about 40psi between 2K and 3K rpm, hot
War Eagle

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If you have 10 to 15 psi, hot idle, that’s plenty. Generally speaking, you wanna see about 10 psi per 1000 RPM.

I used to work with a fellow bus driver, who was full Apache, who’s given name was War Eagle!

That is about what my 3.8S runs at and that is after a full engine overhaul.

Thanks Wiggles for the speedy reply. I am getting the MKII ready for a show in October in Waynesboro Va. It is a two hour drive from here on the interstate. I do not want to run it hard with low oil pressure. this car has OD and a 3.54 rear so it is easy to keep up. I was at Auburn University and Tiger the mascot at the time was War Eagle IV. This is my Auburn car, I showed it this past week end. I bought it June 23, 1967.

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You have nothing to worry about!

I have a little book that Jaguar produced for punters who wanted to put their e types into competition. It proposes that oil pressure must be at least 40psi at 3000rpm (hot) for competition use. YMMV.

Perhaps, for competition use: for street- use, what the OP has reported is perfectly adequate.

Yes, it’s actually the only reference I’ve found that refers to oil pressure at RPM.

It was my intention to show that he’s meeting the competition benchmark, nothing to worry about!


oil pressure is OK 10 to 15psi when hot at idle.
Thanks guys, I thought that was a little low. The engine has only 71k original miles on it so your comments have made me feel a lot better.
Be safe in your travels.
War Eagle

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20w50? Either way, don’t go slow or be easy on the engine, it’s run in and it was built to be and capable of being used! 40@3000 is good oil pressure, 40@2000 even better.