Oil return to sump connection thingy. Xj6

I have an xj6 4lt motor into a hot rod and had to change the filter block from a horizontal canister to an older style angled down unit. I now require the oil return connection that suits the angled return to the sump.
I tried to bend and trim the one I had but mucked it up.
This is the part I have. The one I need is a short angled one.
The motor is a 4lt out of a 1974 xj6


This is the oil filter block and angle.

As you have the part that bolts on to the Sump , you just need to solder a copper pipe or the like on to it , a size of pipe that slides into the existing pipe would be good

You could get something like this , they do it in 8/10/15mm , JB weld would hold it in place , not like it’s under pressure , just a oil return !

Thanks for the reply. I did end up sweating the pipe out as it kinked when I bent it over. I was considering brazing in another but don’t have the right pipe or a tool to put the flare on it. Hopefully someone will have one lying around I can buy.