Oilsump strainer

Can anyone tell if the inner flared disc in the sump oil pan strainer sits on the saucer disc flush.
Does the small flared disc sit directly on the metal or is it raised up somewhat so that oil can return to the base of the pipe be sucked up.
I just cannot see how oil is going to be sucked if there is no access for the oil to get to the pick up pipe
. Pictures are upside down sorry

That must be a later XK engine as my 140 has a much “taller” strainer basket. But judging from the rather extreme angle of the bottom cup, it looks to me like the oil will have a suitable path to the pick-up. Unless the sump itself is angled that severely relative to the mounting flange or the strainer is so deep it flattens the bottom cup against the pan when bolted down. Have you measured the distance from mounting flange to bottom of sump?

there are quite a number of variations and bodges possible. it may explain some of the very cold or very hot oil pressure problems?


After doing some measuring I believe I have resolved the issue.

I raised the lower dish by about ¾ inch by pushing the mesh of the strainer up, I then lowered the sump [engine upside down] onto the block with the pick-up pipe in place, the sump at this point was raised up by a good 1inch off the block, and I had to push the sump down to get the bolted surfaces to meet. This in turn pushed the mesh strainer inner disc lower towards the bottom of the sump.

After sump removal it showed that the inner cupped disc was ½ above the base of the sump.

Your comments re: flattening and measuring, got my left and right brains working together for a change.


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