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Clearing out my shed, a few old Jag bits.
Mk1 3.4 tacho and cable, set std 8:1 3.8 pistons, used but look good, various decals, chassis plates, S1 XJ6 interior lenses (new), trans selector plate for BW12 (new) XJ6 sump, power steer pump. Located in NZ, so may not be worth it to many, but happy to ship. Couple of Mk7 gearbox top covers, non-o\d.

Also genuine jack, similar to, but not identical to S1 XJ6, and dash panel, gauges for a 420

I’d be in for a speedo angle drive gear unit (MK1, complete). How about shipping to EU ?

Happy to ship, but I don’t have the right angle drive gear, just the cable and tach.

Oh, the ones pictured are actually actually tacho angle drives, I presume.
And how much would be the HV cables conduit ?
Thanks !

The angle drives pictured are from S1 XJ6 speedo at the speedo end, unfortunately. The speedo cable does not go directly into the rear of the speedo like an E Type or Mk2, but via this small angle drive.


I sent you a Private Message about some of the smaller parts (decals, lenses, shifter plate) in the first picture and shipping to me in South Carolina, USA.

Paul Novak