Old radiators - Worth saving for the 2 tank ends?

With the new aluminum repros working great and the cost of re-coring the originals close to the new ones, is it worth saving the tank ends before recycling them? We’ve installed about 6 new aluminum ones to 1 re-core and they’re stacking up. Before the scrap man takes them, should I take the time to save the tank ends?


i’m due for a radiator upgrade (26yrs counting), so if i do it, gonna be a new Aluminum radiator!
needs a flush at same time!

Good question. I have my old one here as I went with an aluminum when I put the car together even though I knew of no issues with the stock unit (preparing for hot desert driving). Seems a shame to scrap them but it is a bulky item to save for ‘the next guy’.

Should I have stayed stock? All I can say in my defense is that going to the Oil Leak last month I drove through Phoenix and Vegas on successive days in 100° heat with no problems, even when traffic ground to a halt a couple of times.

I’d save them. If you are planning to scrap them I’d gladly take a set for a Series II, top and bottom tanks, off of your hands.

Same here. I have thrown nothing away.
I have the melted tin from seams
I have the grease from inside the wiper motor
I have the putty that sealed the trans tunnel…

If you would like to send them to a scrap yard, dm me for my address! :grinning:

Yer also a golden resource, for taking old tools and junk Jag hubs off peoples’ hands!!


“Saving the grease” - you killin’ me Steve.
Pack it in your distributor bob weights & window lift mechanisms where it will do some good.
No one drives their E types in the rain

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