Old site photos

I can no longer find the ‘Old Site’ photos. I assume this is intentional and for a good reason. Can they be accessed some way as I would like to post from them from time to time. Caution, I am not real bright when it comes to computer work.

Thanks, Joel Hutchins…


Try this link: Welcome to Jag-lovers - The Members' Photo Album

Let me know if you have any issues accessing the page.


And then there is this, which would be great to have someone code to save the workaround:

But… but… dont you get paid BIG BUCKS, to do just that?


I don’t get paid big bucks for anything. Or even small bucks.


Sorry… I meant krone.


Paul, Nick would get the big kroners if your check would just clear!!! :joy:

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Did you give it the Goodyear test?

It was noted that your check was properly inflated to 38 psi.

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Lower throwing resistance.


Still can’t access the pictures. Anyone give me a clue on how to. I can see the listing but when I click on something it says I need to go to the new forum.