Old XJ-S commercial from 1976

And there’s a good reason for that. On the prefacelift cars, the badge on the back of the car itself says “XJ-S”. On the facelift cars, the badge on the back of the car says “XJS”.

And none of these says “S-Type”. Jaguar uses the term “S-Type” to denote a smallish sedan.

I do believe that the expectation for the name of the car that followed the E Type was that it would be called the F Type. However as Jaguar had designed a Grand Tourer and not an out and out sports car they did not want the World to expect one. Which of course the World did and many were very disappointed at seeing for the first time a car which looked like nothing they had ever seen before. I firmly believe that the model looks better now than ever before but that’s just me. When I park my car and walk back to it an hour later I still catch my breath and can’t really believe it actually belongs to me! By the way the hyphen on the pre facelift cars does actually have it’s very own part number! Cheers. Richard.

Ha! Same thing here in the Detroit area; there was a “soda fountain “ chain by the name of Sanders. Native Detroiters pronounce it as “Saunders”.

Actually, that’s on the pre-H.E. models. With the H.E. introduction, the badge was changed to a single badge that says “XJ-S”. Still, the hyphen is included.

Thank you Kirbert. I didn’t realise it ever became one badge until the hyphen was dropped but it makes sense to reduce 3 parts down to 1. Cheers. Richard.

I have yet to hear one start up with that much "VROOOMMMM " … :racing_car: Sounds like someone has been doing a bit of audio “editing” in that one … :thinking:

Funny, there was a black '70 Toyota Supra for the “pick of the day” in today’s (Auto Trader?) … First time I had seen one in a long time, but I remember them buzzing around our town back in my college days. They were supposedly Toyota’s top of the line $$ model at the time (hence the “Supra” name) :moneybag:. Pretty prestigious to own one, kinda like a Corvette. I was shocked though to learn in the listing that they came with a 6-cylinder engine (I assumed just 4 back then). :open_mouth: They must have been as fast as they looked then. :racing_car:

O.K., Palmdude … you got me curious, exactly how were they mispronouncing it … (using phonetics, please) … ? :confused:

So you’re saying Princess Di actually drove an XJS personally (vs. someone else driving it “for” her)? Wow, if so … :open_mouth: Imagine working a petrol station and she pulls up in it, saying, “fill the tank, please” to the attendant on duty … :crown:

A guy I knew around 1980 went to the Toyota dealer to buy a Supra and they talked him into buying some plain vanilla Toyota instead, a Celica or some such. He said something like “It’s almost as good as a Supra for half the price!” Sad. Of course, there were zillions of people who went to the Jaguar dealer to look at an E-type who drove home an XJ6. “Same engine, and it has a back seat!”

Nestle’s? It’s supposed to be pronounced ness-Leez. The Ozzies were pronouncing it nessills.

LOL! :australia: That’s funny …

Ness-lays, I think…

Although she drove it herself, I would guess the task of filling the tank would be left for a flunky to attend to. Probably one of the security that would follow her around.

The Princess was pretty independent, though…

Yes she certainly did drive herself around quite a lot. In the Jag and other cars she used. Often but not always with her bodyguard in the passenger seat. Cheers Richard.

And the Queen as well.

Yes the Queen had an X Type Estate she would drive herself and bodyguard around in. Landrovers on the Estates too.

She was a Rover P5B fan as well.

Side note: if it is her car, then it will have no registration plates. Perk of the job.

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I believe the first supra was 1979