OMG , what can you say!

(Ian) #1

This is for sale on E-day , add says fully restored , makes you think what else is wrong

(The Jag Man) #2

Are you referring to the absence of the rubber seal and metal spears on top of the bumper? Or that the bumper seems a bit too far forward?


(Ian) #3

Rubber seal , Bumper position are miner , compared to the missing Valance :scream:m_img_0690%5B1%5D

(Tigger) #4

So many superb piles of absolute cr*p for sale these days, or was it ever thus?

Off topic – I deliberately left off the rubber seal thinking it was just a moisture / salt trap.

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #5

Also, worn tyres. Lemon. Paul